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Assist renewable core strategy targets by powering homes sustainably, meeting local planning guidelines through the minimal impact on the surrounding area.

Especially ideal for large developments and re-roof projects due to the quick install and site-wide cost savings on labour / materials.

Why choose Solecco?...

  • Planning Friendly

    Helps ease planning issues by meeting building regulations and addressing visual impact concerns.

  • Seriously Discreet

    The low-profile system blends with the surrounding tiles, for a glare-free finish that complements the home's design.

  • Perfectly Compatible

    Ideal for combining with other green technologies, such as air source heat pumps and battery storage, whether grid-tied or off-grid.

  • Completely Adaptable

    The system is tailored to suit specific energy requirements. Up to 98% of the roof area can be covered, maximising total output potential.

  • Ultra Lightweight

    Adding only 5.8kg/m2 it places less load on the structure and makes it easier to handle, transport and install.

  • Low Maintenance

    The smooth tile surface just needs water to help stay naturally clean.

  • Extremely reliable

    Subjected to severe conditions to ensure durability and performance in a variety of climates and locations.

  • So Convenient

    Simply installed as part of the roof tiling process, reducing the amount spent on materials and labour.

How it works...

Fixed to the battens exactly like a normal roof tile and then simply clipped together in rows along the roof. The number of tiles you choose to have fitted depends on the amount of energy you need to generate.

Our custom designed combiner wires mean only two cables run into the house. These connect the collection of tiles to the inverter, which converts the generated energy into clean, sustainable electricity to power the home.

Designed to be fully compatible with battery storage solutions and complement other green technologies such as air source heat pumps.

The tailoring of our system makes it ideal for a wide range of roof types and layouts, including those not suitable for conventional panels. The flexibility allows us to cover 98% of the available surface area, maximising both ergonomics and output to generate more renewable energy per household.

Get in touch today and we will work with you to help create the ideal system for your project.

How it performs...

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Solar System (kWp) No. of SolarTiles required Roof space (m2) Electricity generated per year (kWh) * CO2 offset per year (kg) **
1 67 6.8 850 482.8
2 134 13.7 1,700 965.6
3 200 20.4 2,550 1448.4
4 267 27.2 3,400 1931.2
5 334 34.1 4,250 2414.0
6 400 40.8 5,100 2896.8
8 534 54.4 6,800 3862.0
10 667 68.1 8,500 4828.0
12 800 81.6 10,200 5793.0
15 1000 102 12,750 7242.0
20 1334 136.1 17,000 9656.0

* Based on a south facing roof producing 850kWh per kWp.
** CO2 offset figures using the SAP calculation method – 0.568kg per kWh.

Base Tile Range...

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