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You can order Solecco SolarTiles directly from us. To place an order, or find out more information, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

The cost will depend on your specific requirements, as each system is tailored to the design and layout of your roof. Please get in touch to get a free, quick quote for your project.

The SolarTiles are designed to complement a wide range of technologies, enhancing the overall efficiency of the project. For more information, please get in touch to talk it through with a member of our team.

Yes, we provide a complete service. You can get your full system package ordered and fitted with us.

Typically, within 8 weeks of placing your order, your fully tailored system can be installed. Turnaround time simply depends on the particular system size, specifications and configuration.

Quotes, Orders & Payment

Simply fill out one of the enquiry forms to get things started. If you have project plans, drawings or other information that will help us understand your project better, just add those to your form.

The number of SolarTiles you have fitted simply depends on the amount of energy you are wanting to generate and the roof space available. Ten SolarTiles are fitted per m2, generating approximately 150W/m2. For more information please get in touch.

We accept payment by BACS transfer and all major credit/debit cards.

System Features & Benefits

Absolutely! They have been designed to be fully compatible with battery storage. By combining the technologies, it further enhances the overall performance of the system, improves energy self-sufficiency and provides off-peak power.

There is a choice of 4 base tile colours for the dark module and another 4 colours for the red module. To view these options please see the base tile range section.

Our SolarTiles simply need daylight, rather than direct sunlight, to generate electricity. A bright, cool day provides the best conditions for the SolarTiles to maximise output and efficiency.

Installation & Maintenance

Solecco SolarTiles are designed for pitched roofs in the 22.5 to 60 degree range, whether a house, garage or outbuilding. For a quick suitability and capacity assessment, simply send us your project plans or drawings and we will do the rest.

Yes, Solecco SolarTiles are the ideal solution for re-roofing projects, especially when looking to replace normal tiles with an advanced roofing material which both powers and protects the home.

No. Flexible system design allows you to cover as much or as little of the roof as you choose. The number of tiles you have fitted, simply depends on the amount of clean energy you would like to generate.

While south facing elevations typically present the best surface to maximise system efficiency, east and west facing roofs can also be used to great effect.

The remainder of the roof is simply fitted with standard tiles from the base tile range, to create the blended effect.

The system has been designed to require very little maintenance or cleaning. The smooth, matte finish helps reduce the build-up of debris and allows rainwater to wash the tiles naturally.

As with top quality monocrystalline systems, you can expect to produce clean, reliable energy for more than 30 years, using our SolarTile system.

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